mama minnies lice go bundle offer in paksitan

Lice Go Bundle

Our bundle keeps hair lice and nit-free. Use our specially formulated products to repel lice and discourage infestations for peace of mind.

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mama minnies family bundle offer in paksitan

Family Bundle

Safeguard your child's hair with our All-in-One Bundle. Eliminate lice and dandruff, while repelling future infestations. Mom's ultimate hair care solution!

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  • Freeha

    Finally found a solution for my kid's lice problem! The Anti Lice Shampoo in this bundle worked wonders. Highly recommend!

  • Ayesha Fahad

    Say goodbye to dandruff! The Anti Dandruff Shampoo in this bundle cleared up my child's scalp in no time. So relieved!

  • Amna Tariq

    I love the peace of mind the Lice Repellant Lotion gives me. Keeps my kids protected from lice, and it smells great too!

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We provide Safe, Secure and best possible solution for head lice & Dandruff. Always read the label and follow the directions for use. Suitable for adults and children 24 months and over.