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Lice Combing Lotion

Lice Combing Lotion

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✪ Kills Lice & Nits in 1 Wash
✪ Extraction of Natural Herbs.

✪ Pesticide-free/Paraben free/Dye-free/Sulfate-free.
✪ Strengthens and Volumes thin hair.
✪ For Kids & Adults
✪ No Side Effects

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
It works around 60 to 70% one bottle ended.

Thinking to order one more if it works 100% at 2nd bottle as first bottle were given cz of complaint.

Tariq malik Malik

Lice Combing Lotion

Huma Khan

It work did not solve my problem fully i want 100% result as i pay for that...u should make it lil more stronger that we will get a result in one use..

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Product Description

Introducing our Lice Repellent Lotion a 100% reliable and effective solution to keep lice at bay. Say goodbye to the constant worry of lice infestations with our powerful repellent lotion designed to protect you and your family.

Our Lice Repellent Lotion is formulated with utmost care to provide a strong defense against lice. With its unique blend of ingredients, our lotion creates a protective barrier on the scalp and hair, making it difficult for lice to infest. By repelling lice, it helps to prevent their presence and the discomfort they bring.


  • Powerful Repellent Formula.
  • Gentle on the Scalp.
  • Non-Greasy and Lightweight.
  • Uses a powerful blend of essential oils rather than synthetic insecticides.
  • Long-Lasting Protection.
  • Pleasant-smelling and easy to use.

How to Apply?


  • Start with DRY hair.
  • Separate hair into sections with clips.
  • Part a section of hair into a 1-inch section, focus the tip at the scalp and apply a generous amount of lotion along the length of the hair.
  • Pay special attention to nape of neck and behind ears.
  • To be effective all lice and nits must be contacted.
  • Repeat process until all sections of hair are saturated
  • Wait 2 Hours while lotion works.


  • Although dead, nits remain attached to the hair.
  • After treatment, use comb to remove dead lice and nits from the wet hair.
  • Working with a 1-inch section of hair, insert the comb against the scalp, and pull through to the end, wiping on a disposable paper towel after each stroke.
  • If hair dries, apply more product to ease combing.
  • Repeat combing if necessary.
  • Shampoo and towel dry hair.

Treatment may be be repeated as needed.

Children under 2 years: ask a doctor.


Flammable. For external use only. Do not use in or near the eyes, close eyes while product is being applied. If contact does occur, flush immediately with water. Keep out of reach of children. Consult your health professional before use on infants under 6 months. Sometimes a tingling sensation develops during use. This is usually mild and resolves quickly after product is rinsed from hair. If severe irritation occurs, discontinue use. Store Below 25°C.